Trees in the Ground
Trees in the Ground

Melody Panttaja

trees Trees in the Ground

Melody Panttaja

Silliness and play for math exploration and practice. I make mobile games and interactive web stories to share the joy of mathematics.

Dragon Cookies

Try a demo of my newest game in progress.

Feed a dragon cookies to move along a number line. Choose the right numbers to get to the star.

Play here

Melody's Math Mansion

Explore a house and explore numbers.

  • Stories
  • Cooking Activities
  • Counting

Allows children to explore quantity, one-to-one correspondence and counting. Demonstrates the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with counters. Provides visual counters to rearrange and play with. A slow paced, low pressure way to explore math.

Read more about the game.

a green cartoon house with many windows

Gumdrop Math main menu screenshot

Gumdrop Math

A base 10 game for ages 4-8

  • Roll the dice
  • Collect gumdrops
  • Trade up for a chocolate bar to win.

Read more about the game.

Seadragon Sort

A silly math game.

  • Animated flashcards
  • Fun Graphics
  • Practice addition or subtraction

Read more about Seadragon Sort.

Seadragon Mixup

Fly a helicopter, bat, or seaturtle. Drop animals in buckets, baskets, trucks and more. Match science, grammar or math vocabulary.

Many choices to unlock: fish, cookies, dragons, flying teacups, a ferris wheel, birds, nests, cakes, plates...

Details about Seadragon Mixup

Learning Resources

A link to projects my kid is working on


About Me

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My name is Melody Pantttaja

I am an educator, game developer and parent.

My goal is to share math in a silly and joyful way.

My games provide children an opportunity to explore math concepts. The silly graphics entertain while the simple gameplay allows children to explore mathematical relationships.

Because I believe parents should be the ones deciding when to spend money, my mobile games contain no advertisements and no in-app purchases. The price you pay to download gets you the whole game and all future updates.

Contact me at: